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LEO Africa is a Big5 & wildlife monitoring and conservation volunteer project located on the Marataba Section of the Marakele National Park. Our mission is to help and provide the Park Section Management with relevant information about key species on the park, such as lion, leopard, elephant, and black and white rhino, as well as help with conservation work and veterinary operations when necessary. LEO Africa is the only monitoring facility of the park, providing a free service, making our work vital for the management of Marataba. You will learn new skills whilst living a truly african experience! Volunteers are  the centre of our work, helping us on the field and supporting the project also financially, making our work possible.


Volunteer with LEO Africa

Volunteer with LEO Africa

The Limpopo Eco Operations Africa (LEO Africa) Volunteer Monitoring Programme offers an exciting combination of lion, leopard, black & white rhino, elephant, buffalo and hyena monitoring, wildlife management, conservation work and a contribution towards anti-poaching activities. You will gain knowledge of the local fauna and flora and you will meet other volunteers from around the world!

                        With LEO Africa, you get more than you give!

                                                                             Are you ready to volunteer?

Win a chance to win a discount and be featured in our 2019 calendar!


How? By entering our second LEO Africa photo contest!

All previous or current LEO Africa volunteers can enter any of 3 categories:
1. Mammals - From the 21st November
2. Birds - From the 28th November
3. Open – From the 5th December

The competition closes on the 12th of December 2018

We will launch a new category each Wednesday starting with MAMMALS on Wednesday 21st  November 2018. Please upload your photo/s under the relevant Facebook post (divided per category) or send it to marketing@leoafrica.org .

The top 3 photos in each category as chosen by the LEO Team will appear in our new electronic 2019 LEO calendar!

An overall winner from the 3 categories will be decided by our Facebook and instagram followers. 


1st: Name a wild leopard + 15% discount for your next stay at LEO Africa + photo calendar cover

2nd: 10% discount for your next stay at LEO Africa

3rd: 5% discount for your next stay at LEO Africa

• Photos must have been taken during your time at LEO. 
• Only 3 photos per person per category; you can enter as many categories as you like!
• Photos must be posted in the comments section of the corresponding category post or emailed to marketing@leoafrica.org.
• A new category will be launched each Wednesday
• The deadline is Wednesday 12th December and we will announce winners shortly afterwards. 
• Subscribe to our LEO newsletter to receive the LEO 2019 calendar. Send your email address to marketing@leoafrica.org .


Help us spread the word about the work we do at LEO Africa by downloading and sharing one of our posters

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The volunteer project

The Volunteer Project

Your volunteer work takes you out into the wilderness as you track and record the movements, behaviour and ecological impact of key species. You will help on the field with conservation work, collect and insert data, used for our reports to the park management and learn a lot about conservation and wildlife management!

LEO is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

More about our volunteer work


Our Program Operates in English...

However, we can also understand Italian, French and Afrikaans. If you don't feel very confident with your English, we are happy to assist you with your mother language. Having a basic understanding of English is preferable to better enjoy the experience.

You will get a chance to improve your English skills!