The LEO Africa volunteer research programme offers an exciting combination of lion and predator observation and tracking, black rhino monitoring, wildlife management, conservation, an opportunity to complete Field Guiding training (FGASA) and make lifelong friendships. With LEO Africa, you get more than you give! The volunteer contribution to conservation is vital, as the species that we monitor are endangered and LEO has a big responsibility in ensuring their safety.

The volunteers have the privilege to be the only visitors allowed in the reserve, as there are no commercial lodges and no tourist in the reserve. You will be able to see animals displaying natural behaviour in a truly wild place! LEO Africa offers you a truly African experience!

Volunteer with LEO Africa

Volunteer with LEO in South Africa

The Limpopo Eco Operations Africa (LEO Africa) Volunteer Research Programme offers an exciting combination of lion and predator observation and tracking, black and white rhino monitoring, wildlife management, conservation, field guiding experience and lifelong friendships. With LEO Africa, you get more than you give.

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Black Rhino Monitoring Project

Exclusive at LEO! Black Rhino Monitoring

LEO is proud to announce that as of 2013, we have introduced an exclusive monitoring project to protect Selati's black rhinos. You and a LEO guide will spend an entire day in the bush, tracking and observing black rhinos. While the focus of the project is black rhinos, you will also have the opportunity to track white rhinos, lions, leopards and elephants. You'll also likely have the opportunity to observe some of Selati's many other species, all while learning about them from your guide. Since you will be off-roading on remote areas of the reserve, you can experience these animals in their natural environment- very up-close and personal!

More information on our Black Rhino Monitoring Project

The Volunteer Project

The Volunteer Project

Your volunteer work takes you out into the wilderness as you track and record the movements, behaviour and ecological impact of a lion pride. You will also gather and analyze data about black and white rhino, leopard, hyena, elephant, cheetah and other species of interest, and learn a lot about conservation and wildlife management! LEO is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

More about our volunteer work with animals

Volunteer and gain a level 1 Field Guide certification

FGASA Game Ranger Certification

As a long term volunteer with LEO, if you are keen to get a taste of what it takes to be a field guide or ranger, we will help you with the theory aspect of your FGASA (Field Guide Association of South Africa) training. Just think, in eight weeks, you could be on your way to gaining a certified game ranger qualification in South Africa!

More about FGASA

We speak English, Italian, French and German!

We speak and understand Italian, French, Spanish, and Dutch

We are happy to assist you speaking Italian, French, Spanish, and Dutch, if you don't feel very confident with your English. Our program does operate in English, however there are often guides and guests here that speak other languages. Even if you only speak a little English, the LEO team is very happy to help you.

Support our anti-poaching teams and our research! Even a small donation can make a big difference.

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Save the rhinos

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Volunteer Reviews

"An unforgettable experience, which I suggest to all lovers of nature who want to hear the sound of silence and breathe pure air. As a volunteer you are a significant part of the LEO Team, everyday is a new adventure..."

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Volunteer comments
I never expected a volunteer project to change my life, but I'd be lying if I said it didn't!
Rachael, Feburary 2015

LEO provides an exceptional opportunity to track the animals in their natural habitat and to understand the scopes and limits of conservation as it is practised today
Marianne, December 2014

Awesome experience, passionate and knowledgeable staff, spectacular scenery
Vanessa, November 2014

A must do for the real bush experience and direct help for the rhinos
Pat, November 2014

An experience you will never forget
Adam, November 2014

The best way to learn about Wildlife conservation in South Africa
Laurie, October 2014

Every day at LEO is a story to tell.
Dagmara, October 2014

The best two months of my life
Josh and July, August 2014


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