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Helping to remove an elephant's collar!

We went to bed last night with a big smile thanks to the exciting opportunity we had yesterday to help Marataba Management remove a collar from a female elephant! Her satellite/VHF collar had stopped working so the park manager and vet decided to remove it rather than leave it. Once the cow had had her collar removed, we then helped relocate two buffalos and a roan antelope. Another full and exciting day!

LEO Volunteer programme update!

As you all know, we have relocated to the Marataba Section of the Marakele National Park in April 2016 and now the programme is running at full speed.


As some of you are aware, we are very happy to announce the relocation of the LEO Africa project. After 10 fantastic, successful years of professional work conducted on the current reserve, will be moving to a new location. We are relocating the project to an amazing Big 5 nature reserve that opens to a national park in the Waterberg biosphere! This is a fantastic opportunity to further/upgrade our work and to bring our knowledge and experience into a new conservation area.


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