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Camera Traps fundraising Final Update!

Fundraising updates!

The 10 new camera traps arrived on Tuesday 30th October 2018 thanks to "postman" volunteer Pat Coe!

We can’t wait to start placing them in the bush to monitor our beloved wildlife, with a special focus on the key and endangered species.

We would like to thank everyone who donated to our fundraising! Here the list of all the donors who claimed the perk:

Leif Jonsson
Nicoletta Klinger
Victor Montoro
Kristiina Nyqvist
Federico Mattei
Alana Arkell
Kaptein Family
Vesta Eleuteri
Aymeric Sandoz
Lama Olga
Carol Stoyle
Walter Lenger
Diana Moskovitz
Laura Tanzey
Flavio Ghiraldelli
Laura Bertoli
Sharon Strauch
Mats Berglind
Flavia Petroni
Andrea Schmid
Silvio Colombo
Susanne Loch
Cornelia Thurmann
And... to all the anonymous donors!