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Camera Traps fundraising Updates!

We would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who supported and donated to our camera trap fundraising campaign.

We have reached 3880USD which is fantastic!
We managed to purchase 10 camera traps thanks to the big saving in the shipping costs and the help of our volunteer Patricia Coe who will bring them to us!
Batteries, protection boxes, sd cards, chains, solar panels and remaining material needed will be bought at our cost.

You can still donate anytime via our website ; to view the fundraising campaign please click 

A special thank you to all the people who donated to our fundraising! Thank you for making it possible for us to improve our work towards conservation and wildlife monitoring!

LEO Volunteers
Aymeric Sandoz
Alison Rubie
Flavia Petroni
Andrea Schmid
Camilla Morelli
Carol Stoyle
Susanne Loch
Judith Howkins
Dorothy Smith
John Young
Flavio Ghiraldelli
Luca Galati and Tommaso Cattaneo
suzanne stansfield
Dearbhla Holohan
Lucy Howkins
Leif Jonsson
Laura Bertoli
Nicoletta Klinger
Silvio Colombo
Elfe Peters
Victor Montoro
Kristiina Nyqvist
Sharon Strauch
Walter Lenger
Cornelia Thurmann
Mats Berglind
Raffaele Casanova
Diana Moskowitz
Clive Coles
Federico Mattei
Elizabeth Brookes
lama olga
Alana Arkell
Lesley Oliver
francesca vecchi
Laura Tanzey
Julie Byrne
Vesta eleuteri