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Volunteers at LEO Africa live in a rustic but very comfortable farmhouse in a secluded location inside the Marataba section of the Marakele National Park, South Africa.

The renovated farmhouse is located between breeding camps, allowing volunteers to wake up every morning and admire some of the rarest antelopes such as roans and sable, as well as nyalas, zebras, giraffes, impala and other general game. The house itself is fenced off from the rest of the park section, and so is safe from any large potentially dangerous animals.

The house can host a maximum of 10 volunteers. Accommodation is communal with backpacker-style bedrooms; a private room is also available on request, at a small extra cost per week. The house is equipped with solar panels as well as normal electricity, and a laundry service is available, with the washing machine twice a week for a small charge.

Volunteers prepare food for the group with provided ingredients and complete house duties on a daily basis. Town trips are done once a week, and are necessary to replenish the volunteer team's fresh supplies giving you the opportunity to buy any supplies you may need, browse the Internet, and have a nice meal out at one of the local restaurants.