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LEO operates on the Marataba concession of the Marakele National Park, which is in the Waterberg district of the Limpopo Province of South Africa. In the heart of the Waterberg mountains, this beautiful scenery supports a diverse range of habitats and several species of grasslands wildlife. This diversity creates an incredibly complex ecosystem, the balancing of which is a critical factor in the success of the conservation area.

Volunteer research provides the owners and managers of this section of the Marakele National Park with vital information about how the integral components of the ecosystem work. From the data you will be trained and involved in collecting, we can establish the impact of large mammals in the section. This information is particularly valuable for re-introduced mammals like lion, leopard, cheetah, elephant and rhino.

So while you, as a conservation volunteer, are learning about mega herbivores, predators, prey animals, ecosystems and research techniques; enjoying participatory safaris; and making lifelong friendships, you will also be contributing to sound conservation polices and responsible reserve practices in South Africa. Now that beats your average safari hands down.

You can also help the anti-poaching team either by donating unwanted equipment, or by helpting them perform their duties.