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Corporate Donations

LiteyeLEO Africa would like to thank Liteye Systems for the donation of a small thermal image device "Aquila mini thermal camera" that we will use in the bush for nocturnal animal monitoring. We are very grateful for this generous donation and would like to thank in particular Sir Kenneth Geyer (co-founder of Liteye) and also Rob Gillespie for helping us in getting in touch with Sir Geyer and organizing everything.

Located on the front range of the breathtaking Rocky Mountains, Liteye Systems, Inc. is a world leader in rugged, high-resolution, head mounted displays (HMD), micro imaging viewfinders, and thermal surveillance systems. All of our cutting edge solutions feature revolutionary designs in optics, electronics, ergonomics, and form factors that enable a broad range of military and commercial applications. Need something beyond our current product line? Our research development team delivers sophisticated custom packages for some of the world's largest companies and government agencies. With offices in the UK and representatives worldwide, Liteye truly is "Enhancing Human Vision".


AIEALEO Africa have a debt of gratitude to AIEA, who have kindly donated two quad bikes for the purposes of LEO's black rhino monitoring programme, and a drone in order to aid monitoring the general wildlife of the reserve.

AIEA was born from a group of professional safari guides, rangers, writers and photographers. Their mission is to safeguard species facing risk of extinction, by introducing and leading programs and projects directly in Africa.

Steiner OpticsLEO Africa would like to thank Steiner Optics for their kind donation of a number of binoculars that are used both for wildlife monitoring and by the anti-poaching team.

Steiner is the only company in the world to have specialised only in the development and production of binoculars. For more than 60 years, the name Steiner-Optik has been synonymous with highest-quality precision and craftsmanship from the city of Bayreuth. Steiner-Optik offers a broad range of products in the fields of hunting, marine/water sports, outdoor and bird watching. From beginner's models to professional glasses, they are the optimum binoculars for every user.


CuddebackWe are very grateful to Cuddeback for helping to provide the camera traps we use to passively monitor the wildlife on the reserve.



HenryThank you to Henry's in Nepean, Canada for supporting LEO Africa by donating several memory cards.



Supply FactorWe would like to thank Supply Factory for the donation of some Land Rover Gear which our staff will be wearing in the winter months and also for their contribution of some jackets and shirts for our anti-poaching teams.