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As some of you are aware, we are very happy to announce the relocation of the LEO Africa project. After 10 fantastic, successful years of professional work conducted on the current reserve, will be moving to a new location. We are relocating the project to an amazing Big 5 nature reserve that opens to a national park in the Waterberg biosphere! This is a fantastic opportunity to further/upgrade our work and to bring our knowledge and experience into a new conservation area. This amazing biosphere has many more animals roaming around, so the data collected and reports created can be utilized in a bigger spectrum.

We will be monitoring and conducting research mainly on the same key animals as well as other species that are not present on the current game reserve, such as bat eared foxes and a good number of brown hyenas. We will also be more focused on anti-poaching and reserve management activities, which means we will work even more closely with the reserve management.

We will miss all our animals, especially lions and rhinos, to whom we have dedicated almost 11 years of passionate, hard work. However, we feel really excited and lucky about this great opportunity! Imagine: our passion, care for fauna and flora, dedication for an even bigger and more important part of South Africa!

We invite everyone to come and join our new project in the Waterberg Biosphere (malaria free area) to make a valuable contribution towards the conservation of fauna and flora of South Africa, enjoy the stunning scenery and great wild animals. Come join us starting from the 26th of April 2016 for this great adventure!

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LEO are moving!