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Our Work

Volunteer with LEO to gain wildlife management experience in your gap year or simply to have an amazing once in a lifetime opportunity to learn and give your direct contribution towards conservation and wildlife monitoring.

While volunteering with LEO Africa in the Marataba Section of the Marakele National Park, you will:

  • Monitor predator numbers and assist in the creation of ID Kits for lions, leopards, hyenas.
  • Monitor the feeding behaviour, prey selection, kill frequencies, interactions, spatial movements and the ecological impact of lions, leopards and hyenas.
  • Monitor the numbers, health condition and movement for mega herbivores (white and black rhino, elephants) as well as assist in the creation of ID Kits.
  • Help with conservation work: erosion control, road maintenance, bush clearing, alien plant removal, game capture (when requested by the park manager), animal darting and relocation (when help is requested by the vet). The checking of camera traps
  • Contribute towards anti-poaching to protect endangered species (i.e. sleep out and fence patrol). 
  • Collect and analyze data with the goal of maintaining the balance and general health of the park ecosystem
  • Assist with the processing of camera trap footage.

Your volunteer work will have a significant positive impact on the conservation policies and practices in South Africa.

The data that LEO volunteers and staff collects goes towards valuable wildlife management reports and well respected academic institutions databases.

Conservation areas will be able to use LEO and the section's progress to make decisions that affect the balance of ecosystems and help them to restore their own farmland to wilderness in a sustainable way.