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Volunteer Reviews

Name: Roxane Reulet
Country: France
Date: July/August 2019

MERCI 🧡 Thank you Leo Africa and the whole team for making my dream come true.

Every drive was amazing and I've learnt so much about wildlife and conservation thanks to passionate guides that know everything about the bush. As a volunteer, I had the opportunity to see the Big 5 and many other animals in ideal conditions, to understand their behaviours, to collect data and to take pictures. I have been involved in conservation works for the park, which make you feel really useful on the field. The sleep out in the bush was also a trully unforgettable experience.

I also met amazing people (Shayla 👯‍♀️) ! Thank you Sabrina for making us feel home and for always being in a good mood. That's so precious !

Everything has been perfect, from my arrival at the airport to the very last drive. It was the best experience of my life. I really cannot thank you guys enough. We will meet again soon 😘

Name: Giorgia Castellari
Country: Italy
Date: August 2019

I spent two weeks at Leo with my brother, It was my first time in Africa and I enjoyed every second of this experience.
I have learned a lot about the behaviour of the animals, conservation, life in the bush, and I saw more animals that I would never imagined. 
It was great being part of a group and to share this experience with people so passionate and I felt I had contributed to their cause 
I really hope to come back one day!!

Name: Tjarda
Country: The Netherlands
Date: August 2019

I spent 3 weeks at LEO and it was the best experience ever!! The staff is very passionate about the animals and conservation, it is so much fun to learn from them! The days were never the same, that made it so much fun. You can never control wildlife. I loved to see the animals natural behaviour, they never failed to amuse me. Thank you so much, I'll definitely come back!!

Name: Michelle Grob
Country: Switzerland
Date: August 2019

I spent 3 weeks with LEO Africa in one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.

It was an unforgettable experience. Every drive was exciting. You have the opportunity to see the Big 5 and many other animals and to observe their behavior in the natural environment. As a volunteer you also be involved in conservation work for the park. The guides are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about wildlife. I learned a lot during my stay. 
The sleep out in the bush was one of my highlights. Every few minutes I have seen shooting stars and to hear the sounds from the animals during the night was a special experience.

It was amazing and I would love to come back at some point ☺️

Name: Christine S.
Country: US
Date: July 2019

I spent two weeks at Leo in July.  It has been by far the most amazing experience of my life.  My only regret was that i didn't stay longer.

The staff are very friendly and quite knowledgeable in all of wildlife activities.  You are very busy as a volunteer and not much free time but tracking, monitoring and seeing the animals is amazing.  Very eye opening! I do plan on returning to LEO.