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Volunteer Reviews

Name: Jenna
Country: Germany
Date: September 2014

How do you adequately describe the best two weeks of your life in a short story? It isn't possible, so I'll just give the volunteers of the future the clip notes version of what to expect at LEO Africa... The Staff - From the moment you arrive, at the tiniest airport you have likely ever seen, you realize just how helpful and friendly the guides at LEO Africa are. By the time you reach the gates of LEO after a quick shop and an hour's drive you will have already made at least one friend. By the time two weeks have gone by you will be saying goodbye to your new family! The guides are pretty much pure awesome - they will happily answer any questions you have (and if they can't answer straight away, they will definitely answer the next day once they have done some research). The guides will teach you something new and interesting on every drive, and during down time they will laugh and party with you. Liz, Emilie, Francois, Simon, Sabrina and Koos - thank you so much! The House - While the house may not be a 5 star resort - with its rickety bunk beds and limited electricity (solar power only) - the house will become your home away from home. Waking up at 5:30am has never been easier. The view over Selati at dawn is breath-taking, and the house is alive with the excitement of the volunteers as they prepare to go out on drive. The "family table" on the deck is the venue for meals, conversation, quiet reflection, reading, and card games such as Shithead (i.e. Testa di merda). If you are stressing (like I did) about encounters with the insect, spider or snake community, then stress no more - you will forget what you were worried about soon after arrival. The Volunteers - You will arrive knowing no one and leave knowing everyone. Volunteers of all ages come from all over the World. During my stay we had volunteers from America, Australia, England, Spain, Germany and MANY crazy loud but super fun Italians. I was the 2nd ever South African volunteer on the project (something I find surprising and disappointing and hope to change if I can). Everyone is unique and yet everyone is the same - united by a common love of the wild outdoors and the animals that lie within. If you are as lucky as I was, you will have the most incredible memories to take with you, and hopefully a few special people that you will stay in touch with. The best part - the Activities! - Everyday, twice a day, your World will be rocked by several hours of game driving. Even on the days where all we saw was a million impala and the inevitable giraffe, the joy of being on drive remained constant. And then there were the days when I got to see Leopards - those were the most unforgettable, incredibly special, moments of my trip. Furthermore, any day on which we got to watch the beautiful Mica laze about (to quote Liz "she's all about the bass... no treble") or watch Mbhurri roll around or roar (goosebump moments of note) was a perfect day in my books. The sunrises and sunsets are never disappointing at Selati and Phuza by the river cannot be beaten (especially in good company). Surprisingly, some of my favorite activities were road clearing and alien plant removal. Be careful not to kick at branches too hard though, the not yet very dead ones tend to kick back, lol. While being on data duty might force you to tear your eyes away from the animals for a minute to write down your findings, it feels good to be a part of the research. Getting used to the telemetry can be incredibly frustrating, but when you get it right and find what you are looking for, it is truly rewarding. Saturday nights out - whether it be dinner at the Three Bridges restaurant or a night away at Mahlahla Lodge (which apparently means "wild and exciting") - are a lot of fun and a great opportunity to spend more time being social with the other volunteers. I highly recommend taking these opportunities when they present themselves! I give you the advice that I took from another volunteer that wrote a story... clear all of your expectations away and go with an open mind. If you are anything like me your mind will be blown anyway and you will walk away with memories to last a lifetime... and possibly even thoughts of a new career. If you haven't booked yet what are you waiting for? Go. Now! Book! Maybe I'll see you there!

Name: Eva
Country: Italy
Date: May 2014

An unforgettable experience, which I suggest to all lovers of nature who want to hear the sound of silence and breath pure air. As a volunteer you are a significant part of the LEO Team, everyday is a new adventure. Monitoring, research and data filing are the main duties but there are lot of other works to be done while a Game Drive on the Selati Reserve, than you never know what happens next. Maybe a tree removal from the road or the exchange of a flat wheel on the pickup? ...Your flexibility is in any case requested. Once the Game Drive is finished you might be called for other works like rock removals, looking for some wood in the bush and so on. The simplicity has an important role on everything and this makes it even more exciting: You live in a simple house together with other volunteers coming from all-over the world -cooking, doing dishes and other small duties needs to be done. Together you are a perfect team and new friendships can be established with people sharing your same experiences. I took a piece of the Selati Reserve with me than when I close my eyes I see plenty of images of magic moments which make me feel particularly serene and proud of my contribution as a volunteer. I spent only 10 days at LEO and I'm already thinking about a second trip in a near future. I would like to thank all the LEO Staff for all emotions you gave me while my stay. Lot of nice drives and take care, Eva

Name: Michele
Country: Italy
Date: May 2014

Ciao Leo vorrei ringraziarti, mi hai fatto trascorrere 10 giorni indimenticabili, pochi ma intensi ho visto e fatto cose veramente belle semplici ma piene di emozioni, grazie.

Name: Walter
Country: United Kingdom
Date: May 2014

Back home again it's time to remember! It's time to remember one of the most exciting and beautiful experiences in my life. It's time to remember Koos, Sabrina and all members of the team, their outstanding performance in the field of wildlife and nature conservation. It's time to remember my fellow volunteers from all over the world when even language barriers could not hamper their enthusiasm and readiness for Action. Thank you LEO Africa.

Name: Julie
Country: France
Date: 2012, 2013, 2014

Looking for an eco-volunteering experience in South Africa ? I've got what you need ! I volunteer at Leo Africa . This association do a monitoring activity for Lions , Rhinos , Elephants , Leopards , hyenas and many other animals ! The goal is to keep an eyes one the balance of this large private reserve of 30,000 hectares. Volunteers go on drive twice per day to look for these majestic animals , especially lions. Our most precious ally is the telemetry ( antenna who lets you know the position of animals) ,so all volunteers learn how to use this tool to monitor lions, elephants and leopards who wear a collar. Volunteers have also the opportunity to spend a full day in the bush to check the condition and the location of Black Rhino ( endangered species ) . The day on the quad is an opportunity to discover the most remote areas of the reserve but also to discuss with your guide every aspect of wildlife that interests you. The two classic safaris are an opportunity for the staff of LEO to teach us a lot of things on vegetation , animal behavior ( predators, antelopes, rodents , hyenas, monkeys , birds ...... ) . Volunteers can also assist in the maintenance of the reserve ( repair roads, remove trunks blocking roads in the reserve ( dead tree or victims of the elephants) . LEO 's staff can also arrange for you a sleep out and bushwalk (experience to live once in your life) . So even if the safari ended in failure because we don't always find the animals, we always come back to base knowing a little more about the bush before our departure. Selati is a private reserve which offers luxury to LEO volunteers to be almost the only people allowed to drive in 30,000 hectares of bush . It allows us to observe the animals without being pressed by other vehicles. Last but essential ! If you are not very comfortable with English Leo is happy to have guides who speak Italian, French , German and everyone is full of goodwill to help you to be more and more comfortable. I share my experience with you because I took a long time to find a project that I was looking for. I finally found it, and I came to spend 2 months in Leo in November and December 2012. This experience was so great that I have been back other 2 months in June-July 2013 and planning to go back for a longer period in 2014!