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Volunteer Reviews

Name: Diana Nguyen
Country: Australia
Date: 1 October 2017

I had volunteered at LEO for almost 2 weeks (I wish I had stayed for much longer).

Being my first time volunteering and also doing it solo, I was definitely nervous as to how things were going to turn out. I had to do a lot of research as I was big about the whole ‘ethically volunteering’ situation. Lets just say, it was one of the best experiences I’ve had!

Although we were going on drives every morning and afternoon (unless on house duty), every single time was different. The days were long, but it eventually felt like time was flying so fast because I didn’t want to leave. Words cannot explain how truly extraordinary it was. Everything was so breathtaking, the park itself, the beautiful animals, the daily sunsets and sunrises - it was gratifying.

The staff/guides (Koos, Sabrina, Veronica & Caroline) at LEO were aaa-mazing and so passionate! Not only were they friendly and cheerful, they were always willing to help and answer any questions I had. I’ve learnt so much from all of them - thank you guys!

I had also made such beautiful and unforgettable memories with people who I now call my friends over such a short period of time, and honestly, it felt like I’ve known them for so long! It’s great because you get to be around those who has very similar interests/goals to you so it doesn’t feel awkward at all!

It has only been a week since I’ve returned to Australia, but it feels as though it’s been ages and I’ve been missing the people and the animals every single day!

Thank you for everything LEO! 

Name: Maria Astcheulova
Country: France
Date: 10 October 2017

I've volunteered in Leo Africa for three weeks and I wish I could have stayed for longer ! It is truly an amazing experience for the wildlife lovers. You will not only see astonishing nature and animals but will also help to maintain this beauty. Thank you, Leo !

Name: Carmen Juhn
Country: Canada
Date: 10 October 2017

This was my first volunteer experience ever and I'm glad I chose LEO! Even though I only stayed 2 weeks I feel like it was the best 2 weeks I could have asked for! I was guaranteed to see not only giraffes and zebra everyday but also impala, which is AMAZING! I also learnt so much about the Big 5 and felt like I was making a difference to the Maritaba National Park. Thank you LEO team for making this experience unforgettable and adding some tears and laughter to top it off!:)

Name: Francesco Palazzo
Country: Italy
Date: 7 September 2017

Deciding to join LEO Africa has been one of the best decisions I have ever done in my life. I spent two fabulous weeks with a "champions" team. The activities carried out are varied and to be able to contribute to the monitoring and conservation of flora and fauna has been an incredible experience. You have the opportunity to see and record a lot of animals (although it's not a safari) and admire them in all their splendor, breathtaking landscapes, lovely sunrises and sunsets, wildlife walks to change the camera track or cleanse the soil from uncivilized man or alien plants. The present guides (Sabrina and Koos) are simply admirable for their choice of life, energetic, sociable, very nice ... in short, two people with whom you can learn so much and with which you never get bored. Sincerely, I would recommend anyone to embark on this fantastic experience that requires a minimal adaptation spirit (remembering that it is not a safari but a volunteer project) but that in the end gives you a bag of incredible emotions.

Decidere di unirmi a LEO Africa è stata una delle decisioni migliori che abbia mai fatto in vita mia. Ho trascorso due settimana favolose con un team di "campioni". Le attività svolte sono varie e poter contribuire al monitoraggio e alla conservazione della flora e della fauna selvatica è stata un'esperienza incredibile. Si ha l'opportunità di vedere e registrare moltissimi animali (nonostante non è un safari) e ammirarli in tutto il loro splendore, rimanere a bocca aperta dai paesaggi mozzafiato, albe e tramonti incantevoli, passeggiate nella flora e fauna selvatica per cambiare le camere track o per ripulire il terreno dalla inciviltà dell'uomo o dalle piante aliene. Le guide presenti (Sabrina e Koos) sono semplicemente ammirevoli per la loro scelta di vita, energiche, socievoli, simpaticissime... insomma due persone con cui puoi imparare tantissimo e con cui non ci si annoia mai. Sinceramente consiglio a chiunque di intraprendere questa fantastica esperienza che richiede un minino di spirito di adattamento (ricordando sempre che non è un safari ma un progetto di volontariato) ma che alla fine ti regala un bagaglio di emozioni incredibile.


Name: Prajwal Shetty Kaup
Country: India
Date: 25 June 2017

Leo has been truly amazing. The people and the experience has been rewarding.
Spent a month at Leo as a staff intern and the knowledge I've received from the staff is outstanding. Thank you Leo for letting me be a part of your organisation. Will always look forward to get back.