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Volunteer Reviews

Name: Jason Lawrence
Country: UK
Date: 25 March 2017

Couldn't recommend this place enough! If you want a proper safari experience this is the people to go with! It's like being on a normal safari but with so many more perks. Saw so many amazing things and literally Learnt so much in the short time that I was there from the fantastic friendly staff. Only a short review but only need to get the point across that if your thinking of going to South Africa and want a hands on adventure then this is the company to book with!

Name: Hannah Bryce
Country: UK
Date: 13 March 2017

It's been a blast! If you want to open your mind, learn about wildlife, see incredible things, experience moving moments and take part in an ethical conservation project that makes a difference visit Leo Africa!

Name: Tanja Kellerer
Country: Germany
Date: 3 March 2017

Fantastic - Unforgettable  :-)
I had the best time of my life. It was such a great experience. The leo team is fantastic and makes great work. You will be welcomed with great warmth, it is like a big family.
As close as there, you can never get to the wild animals. It makes very great fun there as volunteer help and you take this experience for all your life with. And I have learned a lot about the behavior of the animals.
I will certainly go there again and participate in this great program.
Once again a big thank you to LEO Africa!!!

Name: Elfe Peters
Country: Germany
Date: 26 February 2017

My second time at LEO (last year I spent 2 weeks in the old reserve) was as always amazing!!! The new reserve in Marataba is wonderful with a lot of mountains and rivers! I saw different animals in their natural habitat on our morning and evening drives and met also volunteers from all over the world. Volunteering at LEO means also helping the team with collecting datas about the animals, do bush clearing if necessary or do some office work - the work is varied! The atmosphere is very familial and I felt like at home!! LEO does a very good and needful work for the animals and the environment. If you also like dogs as me there are three Jack Russels at the base which could shape your day very funny! I'm very thankful that I had the possibility to stay 2 weeks again at LEO and I'm very proud to become a LEO ambassodor!! Come on guys - assure yourself of being a part of LEO as a volunteer! It's worth, you will never forgett!!!

Name: Enrico Maria De Angelis
Country: Italy
Date: 6 January 2017

A great adventure! I like green growing things so much.. I like the sun, I like animals. And I saw all these things in the Marataba section of Marakele national park! I enjoyed so much every single drive, even the rainy ones!
I saw lions a lot of times.. the big Anthony, the strong Balio, the cute Athena.. Uncountable zebras, impalas and warthogs. A lot of white rhinos, buffalos and giraffes. And all those elephants! I think that day I saw more elephants in a day than everything else in all other days, ahahah!
Not to mention the two bee eaters turned on by my whistles, ahahah!!!
But how to safely see all these plants and animals? Thanks to Julie's passion, Jason's precision, Sabrina's "impality" (AHAHAHAHAH, @Cameron Bec knows what I'm talking about! :D), Sebastian's simpathy, George's farts & dishes, and Koos's experience!
I liked to feel so relaxed and involved in work at the same time, as part of a bigger project!
Oh... I'll be back!