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Our guide Veronica tells us about the first cheetah cubs encounter with volunteers

Cheetah Cubs

That morning we headed out to look for the female cheetah that recently had two cubs. She had stopped denning and was starting moving the cubs around in the thicket, so it became more difficult for us to find them. The volunteers had not been fortunate to see the cubs yet.


LEO Africa's approach to a sustainable lifestyle

LEO Africa’s main focus is on wildlife monitoring, conservation and educating our volunteers and others on sustainable living. Our aim is to reduce the amount of plastic that is used in our daily lives, as well as being careful not to waste natural resources. We have set ourselves a sustainability policy; we try and instil these values with our volunteers and ourselves. We are aware that in our society plastic is used a lot, but we could all try to reduce its usage by paying attention to the items we buy and their packaging.


Dangerous Cheetah Encounter! The males meet the female for the first time!

Cheetah Fighting

This story starts a few months earlier, when a female cheetah was released in the reserve. We were waiting for the moment when she would meet our resident coalition of two male cheetahs. 


Our volunteer Eva tells us about her stay at LEO Africa!

Eva is spending two weeks at LEO Africa. After the first week, she tells us about her experience with us... enjoy her wonderful photos too!


The winner of our 2018 Photo Contest is...

...Annelotte Van Minnen!

we would like to thank everyone who took part in our photo contest. It was really hard to choose between the hundreds of photos received!

The winners of this year are:

1 - Annelotte Van Minnen - elephant calf. Prize: Calendar cover photo + 15% discount for the next stay at LEO Africa

2 - Alison Lee Rubie - Pangolin. Prize: 10% discount for the next stay at LEO Africa

3 - Luana Omati - Water Monitor. Prize: 5% discount for the next stay at LEO Africa


Win a chance to win a discount and be featured in our 2019 calendar!



How? By entering our second LEO Africa photo contest!

All previous or current LEO Africa volunteers can enter any of 3 categories:
1. Mammals - From the 21st November
2. Birds - From the 28th November
3. Open – From the 5th December

The competition closes on the 12th of December 2018


Sitting with Elephants - Sarah Foster

Many ancient traditions teach us that to find the answers to our deepest questions we must sit quietly on the earth and observe nature. Life's lessons will unfold in front of our eyes if we simply allow ourselves to take it all in with an open mind and unified heart. 



Cheetah Facts

Everybody knows cheetahs are fast but how fast? Do you know where the word cheetah comes from? Or their average age in the wild? Or how successful their hunts are?

Download our educational Cheetah Factsheet and learn these answers and more!


Camera Traps fundraising Final Update!

Fundraising updates!

The 10 new camera traps arrived on Tuesday 30th October 2018 thanks to "postman" volunteer Pat Coe!

We can’t wait to start placing them in the bush to monitor our beloved wildlife, with a special focus on the key and endangered species.

We would like to thank everyone who donated to our fundraising! Here the list of all the donors who claimed the perk:


Birdwatching at LEO Africa - Bee Eaters facts!

LEO is a great place to come if you are a lover of birds. Within the Park you can find almost 400 different species!




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