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Participation Conditions

Due to the nature of the wilderness experience it is necessary to fulfil the following conditions in order to join the volunteer programme with LEO Africa:

  • You must be in good physical condition - the volunteer work is active with many hours in a 4WD safari vehicle on bumpy roads and frequent bush walks.
  • South Africa is typically a hot and dry country, with a local average of 25°C, though possibly much higher during heat waves - those prone to heat exhaustion are recommended to volunteer during cooler months and discuss their trip with their doctor
  • For your own safety and enjoyment you need to be reasonably proficient in English.
  • Minimum age is 18 years
  • Minimum stay is two weeks
  • You must sign and abide by LEO Africa's Rules and Health and Safety Regulations

Download the full LEO Africa Terms and Conditions

As a volunteer, you should have a positive attitude towards working and living in a group, being responsible for your actions and have a healthy respect for the environment and the animals you encounter. While every attempt will be made to make your stay as comfortable as possible, part of the fun of your African trip is the rustic simplicity.

All volunteers must be prepared to abide by the specific rules and conditions laid down by Limpopo Eco Operations. All volunteers will be expected to sign LEO Africa Terms and Conditions, risk assessment and obtain a medical form filled out signed by your doctor to confirm you are fit to participate on the volunteer project in Africa.