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Volunteer Work

The aim of the project is to provide park wardens and ecologists with detailed information about wildlife within the Marataba section of the Marakele National Park as well as contributing with some active conservation work to keep a balanced eco-system and act as a support to anti-poaching. 

Our volunteer wildlife monitoring and conservation programme records and monitors the movements, behaviour, numbers, kills, and interactions of the Big 5 and hyenas. This research will play a vital role in the management of park section and possibly the data analysed could be used to compare these eco-systems with other conservation areas throughout South Africa.

Volunteers will take part in the two daily monitoring drives which are sent out to monitor the key species of the Park section, and will also help with reserve management work such as bush clearing, road repair and re-opening, alien plant removal, erosion control etc. When requested by the Park managers, the LEO Team and its volunteers will also assist during game capture and animal darting. When on drives, volunteers will help track and identify animals, check and collect camera traps, take photos used to create ID kits, observe and record data about targeted animals; the data collected will be inserted in the computer by the volunteers and used by the staff members to produce monthly reports.Volunteers will stay at base half day on a rotation basis to asist with house duties (office work, light manual work, general house cleaning, cooking and washing up etc.).

The aim of the project is also to travel to the most remote parts of the Park to identify and track the animals less seen. By covering these areas, we act as a deterrant for poachers, greatly supporting anti-poaching in observation posts and reporting. A great emphasis is placed on rhino identification and tracking to know where these amazing animals are to better plan their security requirements for the Park Rangers. Volunteers are part of all our activities and will be helping in all aspects of our project. Sleep outs are a great asset towards our anti-poaching efforts. 

Volunteers can also take part in excursions to local attractions such as the Marakele National Park vulture colony, Sun City and Pilansberg National Park, and activities in the park such as sleeping out in the bush!

During the monitoring drives, LEO staff will also provide informative guiding about the local flora and fauna, identifying and explaining what is encountered on drive. Longer-term volunteers will gain a significant insight into both practical conservation as well as the ecology of the Bushveld/Waterberg Biosphere.