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LEO Africa Photo Workshop 2015 Edition (27th October – 3rd November 2015)

The LEO Africa photo workshop 2015 Edition has just finished and we are very happy to announce that it has been a great week of photography, funny moments and amazing wildlife sightings. The first edition of the workshop 2015 was reserved for an Italian speaking public (for language issues), as it has been done in collaboration with “Africa” magazine from Italy. The 6 photographers Fabio, Alberta, Monica, Francesca, Angela and Jessica have been accompanied throughout the adventure by Sabrina Colombo (LEO Africa Manager and Ranger) and by Marco Garofalo, an Italian professional photographer who has years of experience in the field.

The week has seen the participants involved in different activities, in order to have different photographic opportunities and also to experience the bush and South African conservation work from different points of view. The group has been involved in wildlife monitoring activities both by 4x4 and on foot (bush walks) with Sabrina and Koos (the LEO Africa Director and expert ranger); they have climbed koppies at sunset (for observation and breathtaking landscapes), changed camera traps, tracked animals of foot and have been taken out on excursion to the Kruger National Park and the Blyde River Canyon, to get more photo opportunities on different subjects.

It was a fantastic experience in which the photographers have been taught about wildlife and conservation as well as improved their photographic skills a lot. Every day, the professional photographer Marco and the group went through their photos and discuss them to see if there were some aspects that needed improvement. Of the 6 photographers, only Fabio was already a “pro”, and he shared such a great deal of information with the other 5 participants that it seemed like we had 2 photographers working together!

We had fantastic and funny moments together, everyone has been extremely happy with the experience and learnt a lot about flora, fauna, conservation and photography!

Selected photos from the workshop can be seen in the photgraphic workshop gallery.

We will try to repeat the event next year due to the number of requests! Keep following LEO Africa for the latest news!

The LEO Team